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The Procurement Process in LAPAN Shall Be Effective and Efficient
News Writter : Humas/Sur • Photographers : Humas/Sur • 16 May 2018 • Read : 1160 x ,

LAPAN held a socialization regarding the Presidential Regulation No. 16 of 2018 on Procurement of Goods/Services supported by Human Resources, Organization, and Law Bureau. The socialization was held in Indraya Bhuwana Hall Building, Jl. Lapan Number 70 Pekayon, Pasar Rebo, Monday, May 14, 2018.

In her opening speech, the Prime Secretary of LAPAN, Prof. Dr. Erna Sri Adiningsih told the Budget User Officials, the Commitment Maker Officials, and the Procurement Team of LAPAN, that the Management of Budget Implementation List shall always follow the progress of the prevailing laws and regulations related to the processes, mechanisms, and procedures for procurement of goods/services.

Erna also said that in such socialization, they would discuss three main agendas related to the institution, professional recognition, and regulations on the procurement of goods/services government. She continued, related to the institutional, the role of Procurement Services Unit in conducting coaching, selection of providers, and Electronic Procurement Services requires organization in accordance with the prevailing regulations.

Then, the procurement profession will be recognized by the certificate. The professional recognition must be continuously developed, upgraded, and updated in accordance with the regulations in order to facilitate the management of goods/services. The certification of the procurement of goods/services profession is not just the state recognition to a person's ability, but also a motivator in the tasks implementation.

Erna said professionalism in carrying out duties is very important. The manifestation of which is the process of procurement of goods and services shall be following the rules and law effectively and efficiently. Thus, the process will be smooth and there are no obstacles to the implementation of LAPAN program.

The process of goods/services procurement has new rules. Erna explained that the regulation provides an overview regarding the process of simplifying the procurement of goods/services. She reminded, behind such simplification, the must be the principle of precision and prudence in the implementation.

The socialization presented three speakers from the Government Procurement Policy Agency. They were Anita Carilina, M. Firdaus, and Wahyu Setyo Wijaya. Each of them discussed the institutional reform of PBJP as the center of excellence of PBJP, the policy and certification service of government goods/services procurement, and Presidential Regulation Number 16 of 2018 on Government Goods/Services procurement. Such socialization was followed by representatives from all work units in LAPAN.

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