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Timau National Observatory Ready to Enliven NTT Tourism
News Writter : Humas/Sgd • Photographers : Humas/Sgd • 14 May 2018 • Read : 1391 x ,

LAPAN will build a national observatory on Mount Timau, East Nusa Tenggara (Nusa Tenggara Timur). The construction of this observatory is mandated in the Act Number 21 of 2013 on Space Conduct. In Chapter 11, article 11 of the law, it states that space research can be carried out using satellite, space stations, and observation facilities on the earth's surface. This is expressed in the socialization of the national observatory in Sapta Pesona Building, Ministry of Tourism Jakarta, Monday (15/5).

This socialization was also attended by Deputy Chairman for Space and Atmospheric Science, Afif Budiono; The Director of Space Science Center, Clara Y. Yatini; The Regent of Kupang, Ayub Titu Eki; The Head of Bosscha Observatory, Mahasena Putra; and Astronomy Lecturer from ITB, Permana W. Premadi. The delegation was received by the Deputy of Tourism Destination Development of the Ministry of Tourism, Zaini Bustaman.

"The establishment of a national observatory facility in Mount Timau, NTT, is expected later in addition to astronomical research, can also be an educational tourism destination in Eastern Indonesia," said Afif Budiyono.

Meanwhile, in the socialization, Clara Y. Yatini conveyed the detail of the observatory located in Mount Timau. She also explained about the center of science in Tilong, Kupang, NTT that will be built together with the observatory. In its master plan, the center will be integrated into the sports arena, cultural center, and small and medium business.

In the event, Zaini Bustaman hoped that the educational tourism destinations in NTT will have a positive impact on tourism, other than the impacts to research and Non-Tax State Revenue.

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