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LAPAN Encourages Students Learn Aeronautics and Space Science and Technology
News Writter : Humas/Riri • Photographers : Humas/Riri • 05 Apr 2018 • Read : 1786 x ,

LAPAN held a socialization of its research and development results at 67 Senior High School Jakarta, Monday (5/4). The socialization attended by 75 students and 15 teachers was an educational program that is routinely carried out in schools. Such activity is expected to be inspiration and motivation for the younger generation in fostering their interest in aeronautics and space science and technology.

In the socialization, The Head of Public Relations Division of LAPAN, Jasyanto, explained about LAPAN research and development results. He also explained the monitoring of re-entry to Earth's atmosphere of Tiangong-1. Such China's space station crashed in the Pacific Ocean on April 2, 2018, after being damaged and out of control since March 16, 2016. The Tiangong-1 re-entry monitoring was conducted by researchers at LAPAN Space Science Center in Bandung," he said.

Jasyanto in the socialization also invited students to study the science and technology of aeronautics and space. He hoped that students will be able to contribute to the advancement of aeronautics and space technology in Indonesia.

The socialization was followed by a video screening of LAPAN products guided by the Head of Public Communication and Education Sub-Division, Unggul Satrio Yudhotomo. The videos included N-219 Aircraft, LAPAN A2, A3 Satellite, and Rocket.

The principal of Senior High School 67 of Jakarta, in the socialization hoped that the presence of LAPAN can provide enlightenment for the students and can enrich their knowledge about the importance of aeronautics and space technology for the progress of the nation.

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