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Senior High School 21 Jakarta Teachers Practicing Water Rocket at LAPAN Rumpin
News Writter : Humas/PS • Photographers : Humas/PS • 03 Feb 2018 • Read : 3211 x ,

Fifty three teachers of Senior High School 21 Jakarta visited Rocket Technology Center at Rumpin, Bogor, on Saturday (3/2). This visit was a series of training and field studies related to water rockets.

The Head of Public Relations of LAPAN, Jasyanto, in the event, said that this activity aims to educate and improve the ability of teachers’ knowledge regarding Indonesian technology. He said that the rocket is one of LAPAN's main competencies. He also explained that there are water rocket competitions, be it national and international (Asia Pacific).

The Vice Principal of Senior High School 21 Jakarta, Jundan Iskandar, on the visit hoped that this activity can improve the knowledge of teachers related to rocket basics. Thus, the knowledge can be transmitted to the students.

During the visit, The Head of Dissemination of Rocket Technology Center, Lilis Mariani, said that LAPAN Rumpin is the only center of rocket research and development in Indonesia. She hoped the water rocket training will be useful in adding knowledge and insight of teachers.

Lilis explained that rockets are spacecraft working with scientific rules called Newton I, II, and III laws of motion. Newton's Law III is called the law of action and reaction, that is for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. In large rocket (action), the power is generated by hot gas firing back from the rocket engine which produces the same force (reaction) that propels the rocket.

During the visit, Lilis also explained about the history of rockets that began with the use of fireworks in the 13th century in China. Over time, the development of modern rockets began when an engineer from the United States successfully launched the first rocket in 1926 in Auburn Massachusetts. Meanwhile, Indonesia began to develop its rockets in 1963, named as Kartika Rocket. Some of the rockets that LAPAN upgraded until 2017 include the RX 100, RX 150, RX 250, RX 320, and RX 450. She said the rocket developed by LAPAN aims to be Satellite Launching Rocket.

During the training, participants learned how to make a water rocket and then launched it. The water rocket is the simplest example of the rocket using rocket theory and working principle. Water rockets are made by combining two bottles. The top end of the bottle is plasticized as a weight. Meanwhile, the bottom fins are installed from infraboard material to keep the stability of its flying.

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