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Yapis High School Students Learn Remote Sensing Science in LAPAN Biak
News Writter : Humas/Wawan • Photographers : Humas/Pino • 07 Nov 2017 • Read : 74698 x ,

Tuesday (07/11), Satellite Control Center, Observation of Space and Atmospheric, and Remote Sensing (LAPAN Biak) received the visit of SMA Sekolah Yayasan Pendidikan Islam (YAPIS) Biak. The visit was held to gather information related to education activities conducted by the students of class XII of IPS Department. They want to understand the use of remote sensing imagery (sensing) and geographic information systems.

The students were greeted with exposure at the Education Center Building. The Head of LAPAN Biak, Marwoto, explained the presentation of LAPAN profile to them. He explained, LAPAN has several research centers all along Indonesia. The focus of research at each location of the facility varies in different fields. Of course, the locations present different products and research facilities.

Furthermore, the material concerning the introduction of sensitive application is technically explained by remote sensing researcher, Eko. He introduced students to the data processing of remote sensing satellite, as well as the concept, type, and utilization of the data. To show an example of the results, he presented some examples of remote sensing satellite imagery that has been used to support various sectors of national development.

The school hoped that this activity will add insight and provoke the curiosity of the students towards science and technology, especially the scope of research conducted by LAPAN. This activity ended with a visit to the existing station of LAPAN Biak to see the equipment and research process that took place there.

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