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Observing Telkom-1 Satellite Damage: Moving Service to Other Adjacent Satellites
News Writter : Humas/And • Photographers : Humas/And • 29 Aug 2017 • Read : 4327 x ,

The Chairman of LAPAN, Prof. Dr. Thomas Djamaluddin appeared as a speaker in ‘Lunch Talk’ of Berita Satu TV, Tuesday (29/08), at 13.00 pm. The live broadcast of Studio One News 11th Floor, South Jakarta, was themed related to the damage of Telkom-1 Satellite that affecting most banking network and television broadcast in Indonesia in a bad way.

In a couple days earlier, most Automated Teller Machineries (ATMs) of some national banks have been offline. Some national television stations are also experiencing broadcasting disturbances. This is due to the interference on Telkom 1 Satellite. The satellite, as the controller of the banking network, broadcast, navigation, and other types of telecommunications, is reported getting some disturbance.

What is the cause? The Chairman of LAPAN explained regarding the data that cannot be transmitted and received by VSat on Earth. "The Telkom 1 satellite position is still at an altitude of 36,000 kilometers at the coordinates of 108 BT, just above the Karimata Strait, near Pontianak. If indeed it experienced a shift, the position of which would be fixed by the Controlling Rocket which is always monitored by operators," he added.

The thing is, Thomas said, the age of the satellite has exceeded its useful life. "Telkom 1 satellite was launched in 1999. While the age of the satellite when built is predicted to last up to 15 years," he explained.

Then, can the satellite be fixed? Thomas revealed, if the problem occurs on the system, it can be repaired by using a remote controlled from the control room. But if such system is closed, it cannot transmit signals to the data receiving station. Another alternative is to be retrieved by a shuttle and repaired but this requires a very expensive cost.

If it cannot be fixed, then the solution is to move the service to another nearby satellite. For example, it can be transferred to Telkom 3s Satellite at Coordinate 118 BT. "It means, the VSat direction shall be changed," he said.

The benefit of satellite utilization is more practical. However, because it is only controlled by satellite only, so if there is interference happens of the satellite, it will have an overall impact.

Improvements to the Telkom 1 Satellite need a best decision-making from various aspects. If it cannot be repaired, then the satellite will be space debris. Thus, the operator must be ready. "Keep in mind that the slot of satellites in geostationary orbit placement is limited," said Thomas. He also added that the frequency monitoring and orbital slot is the obligation of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

The Chairman of LAPAN also opened the insight of the audience, when the satellite is out of control, the fuel runs out, the system breaks down, so such satellite will be left in its orbit. As the satellite at an altitude of 36,000 kilometers cannot fall to earth, it needs to be monitored as it could interfere with other active satellites.

However, human life will continue to depend on satellite technology. As time becomes more modern, all will depend on high-sophisticating technology.

Telkom 1 Satellite is a telecommunication satellite prioritized for data communications. The overall impact of which is enormous for human life. Then the Chairman of LAPAN suggested building the satellite needs a well preparation. The manufacturer shall take into account its function and launch schedule, including preparing its substitute.

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