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LAPAN Shares Science of Space with Vocational Students of Garut
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"Rocket technology is quite difficult to obtain. In making experiments, it takes a marvellous brain, super power, and great guts to develop it. For that, we must be passionate and hardworking in reaching the goals we want!". The statement is a quote presented by Rocket Researcher, Dr. Arif Nurhakim, when giving socialization to students of SMK Negeri 2 Garut, West Java, on Wednesday (09/08). This activity became one of a series of events in support of Komurindo-Kombat 2017.

Arif invited the students at the school, as a young generation, to not only be armed with intelligence in education but also they must be thorough and diligent in studying science and developing their insight.

Moreover, the science of rockets is a sensitive science; it never is easily controlled by every country. There is a major problem in developing rocket technology. "The aspect of which is all extreme! Be it the temperature, pressure, and speed," he explained. Little mistake in the construction can be fatal and even life-threatening.

Meanwhile, Arif introduced the development of LAPAN rocket technology, beginning with the history of Kartika Rocket development in 1962. He further explained the various rockets developed by LAPAN which currently differed by its utilization. There are various rockets, including Weather Modification Rocket, Lightning-Research Rocket, Controlled Rocket, Sonda (Weather) Rocket, and so on.

On this occasion, the participants of socialization also got insight of science in the field of atmospheric science and technology. An Atmospheric Science Researcher, Ginaldi Arif Nugroho, invited them to have an interactive discussion of atmospheric phenomena and their measurements. They were introduced to various equipment used to measure the dynamics of the atmosphere, among others are Radar, Lidar, Sonda (Weather) Rocket, and Sonda Balloons.

Described in detail was also the way of measurements as depicted in the Ekspedisi Menembus Langit video. Pictured in front of the participants was the unmanned aircraft launching process when it penetrates the stratosphere layer by boarding to the sonda balloon. Participants were enthusiastic in watching the details of data receiving obtained from such unmanned aircraft load.
Related to Kombat activity, Ginaldi showed the image of Cilateureun Beach line from the data received from balloon of one of Kombat participants in the previous competition. He explained that the payload was developed by utilizing the innovation and creation of each participant. So, he hoped the students in Garut, as a younger generation, can imitate, and moreover, develop their creativity in developing the science of aeronautics and space.

The Head of Public Education Sub Division, Happy Rumiris appealed that the students should not give up gaining knowledge as much as possible in order to manifest our nation as an advanced one. "So, we invite all of you to participate in witnessing Komurindo-Kombat event which we will be holding later, the ultimate event will be on August 24th at Pameungpeuk. There, all of you can witness, can have a valuable experience, can practice the science gained in your learning," said her.

She said that LAPAN is the only national space agency with four main competencies related to the research of space. To encourage the interest of young people to love the science of space, she explained some educational programs that can be accessed by all students in Indonesia. LAPAN regularly organizes competition events such as Water Rocket Competition, Komurindo-Kombat, and LAPAN Space Debate.

To disseminate information and knowledge on the field of space, LAPAN also organizes activities such as seminars, symposiums, space-related national and international celebrations, and so on. To increase the insight of the young generation, LAPAN also opens itself to receive student visits to several locations of facilities, also internship work. "We are also ready to provide briefing such as training to prepare the competition to the level of Asia Pacific, even international," she explained.

The event was attended by representatives of Tourism and Culture Agency of Garut, Rana Diana and representatives of the school. "In accordance with the eight departments of the school, the school hopes that the students can gain insight, also get more opportunities to be given basic training in making rockets," said Asep, a representative teacher of Vocational School 2 of Garut.

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