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LAPAN Equates the Perception in Encouraging the Implementation of the Effective and Efficient Procurement of Goods/Services
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Monday (19/06), LAPAN held the Socialization of Goods/Services Procurement in Government Institution at Indriya Bhuwana Building, Remote Sensing Technology and Data Center of LAPAN, Pekayon, East Jakarta. The socialization lasted two days with the subject related to contract management, black list, self-management, e-catalogue, and the preparation of Own Estimated Price (Harga Perkiraan Sendiri, HPS).

Such socialization was organized by the Cooperation, Public Relation, and General Affair Bureau of LAPAN and was attended by LAPAN officials such as Budgets User Authorities (Kuasa Pengguna Anggaran, KPA), Commitment Making Officials (Pejabat Pembuat Komitmen, PPK), other functional officials of goods/services procurement in LAPAN work units, and the Procurement Services Unit (Unit Layanan Pengadaan, ULP) of LAPAN. They listened to the material presented by Institute for Procurement of Goods / Services Policy (Lembaga Kebijakan Pengadaan Barang/Jasa Pemerintah, LKPP) practitioners.

In his speech, the Prime Secretary of LAPAN, I.L. Arisdiyo conveyed that the event was held to equate the perceptions on various issues that arise during the process of procurement of goods/services in LAPAN. "In the future, we will focus on the national program; the national observatory. Of course in the next phase, LAPAN program is getting bigger, indeed it will need a bigger budget management," said him.

To that end, he hopes that the participants can take advantage of this socialization by discussing and developing their thoughts. Thus, together they can find the solutions regarding the completion of the effective and efficient procurement process. Such solutions will guarantee the process of control and supervision of procurement of goods/services government in environment LAPAN.

The Director of Advocacy and Settlement of Disclaimer Region I, Yulianto Prihandono conveyed the material regarding the contract of government goods/service procurement. Such material was packed in a discussion and consultation on solving the problems that have been happening in LAPAN. "There is no other way than to sit together to identify the problems and find a solution," he explained.

Yulianto asserted, in arranging the contract, it should be oriented on how to optimize the process of goods/services procurement. In addition to such material, he re-explained the procurement stage from the planning, the execution of election, to the contract implementation, and the explanation of types of contracts.

Meanwhile, Baihaki delivered the material on the preparation of Own Estimated Price (Harga Perkiraan Sendiri, HPS) and technical specifications. He asserted the associated risk or impact if there is a mistake or error in making technical specifications. The effect of which is to the achievement of goods/services that are not perfect, such as the non-optimal operations, the stacking of goods in the warehouse due to the not-optimal goods to support the needs. Also, the risk is it will not achieve a good maintenance system.

The second day of the socialization began with the deliverance of the material about self-managing by Yulianto Prihandono. The next materials that follow are e-catalogue by M. Qadr Siddiq Zam and the procedure of proposing blacklist by Biantri Raynasari.

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