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News Writter : Humas/Sgd • Photographers : Dok. Pusteksat • 10 May 2017 • Read : 22264 x ,

It is undeniable that Indonesia is Southeast Asia's most advanced country in the field of aeronautics and space. Such fact generates the interest from some neighbour countries to cooperate in said field. It’s the Malaysian Fisheries Bureau visited LAPAN to dialogue with LAPAN researchers regarding Potential Fishing Zone as on Monday (08/05), Norilmi Amalia and the team visited the Satellite Technology Center in Bogor.

Norilmi Amalia is a lecturer from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) who is also the Head of Project MYSat - Malaysia. The arrival of Norilmi and the team was greeted by the Head of Dissemination of Satellite Technology Center, Iwan Faizal accompanied by Surya Satellite Team from Surya University.

LAPAN delivered the information on the LAPAN-A1/TUBSat, LAPAN-A2/Orari, LAPAN-A3/IPB satellites and the development of the LAPAN-A4 and A-5 satellites. Then, Surya Satellite Team presented the development of Surya Satellite 1 (SS1) which they are currently developed under the supervision of Satellite Technology Center researcher. USM team also explained the condition of technological development in Malaysia, especially in satellite field.

The visit continued with a visit to various facilities in Satellite Technology Center. They visited the Assembly, Integration, and Test (AIT) room and then Ground Station of Satellite Technology Center, a room to monitor the satellite. While in the satellite monitoring room, LAPAN explained the USM team regarding the satellite monitoring and showed them the sample of data obtained by LAPAN satellites. Next, Surya Satellite Team showed the demo of SS1, particularly regarding the mechanism of the satellite. Finally, the event ended with the exchange of souvenirs.

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