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15 Sep 2017

The young generation may often imagine how crucial the utilization of space technology on our daily lives is. Space science and technology have great benefits for the community. Its application can be utilize to many field including communications, transportation, business purposes, banking, exploration of mineral and geological resources, defense and security, agriculture, and natural disaster mitigation.

Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, people can broadly see into space and discover that the space has an important role and has contributed to economic development. The utiliziation of satellites orbited in outer space, human beings can communicate over long distances, monitor weather and climate, and perform disaster mitigation.

Even nowadays the mastery of space science and technology is often used as a barometer of the nation's advancement. The added value is the country that masters these technologies will be respected by the nations of the world.

To improve the interest of young generation on space science and technology, and to broadly deliver the space education, the Cooperation, Public Relations and GA Bureau of LAPAN hold activities of space education. One of which is English debate competition. Recalling the era of globalization, foreign language proficiency is essential to support one’s life as  English is one of the international languages needs to be learned and mastered in order to be sucessful in learning ctivities. Speaking about the English, it is a language that unconsciously have required us to understand and use it well.

It is expected with this space education activity, it can inspire them to learn, to love and to engage on space science and technology in a serious manner.

The aim of this activity is to bring students to enhace their creativity in foreign-language out of the formal learning and to give them a chance to widen their knowlede about space issues as well as the knowledge about the benefits of space science for sustanability of human life. At the same time, this activity also can explore the students' ability in foreign language, especially English which has become an international language.

Purposes of The Event

  1. To broadly expand the participants' horizons and knowledge upon space.
  2. To improve students’public speaking ability.
  3. To improve students’ to think critical and expand their knowledge about space.
  4. To improve students' creativity in applying English as a communication tool.
  5. To give an opportunity for young generation to express their mind intellectually.

What We’re Looking For


Ideas, input, and point of view from Indonesian young generation about the advantage and disadvantage of satellite utilization. Entries must look from both perspective of Leader of the country/space space policy maker and the opposition.

How To Participate

  1. Senior high school students
  2. Able to speak English
  3. One team consists of two persons
  4. Passionate in space technology
  5. Upload your team’s video on Youtube or Instagram account with duration 3 – 5 minutes about your opinion related to the theme.

The Requirements

Each team uploads a video on Youtube with duration 3-5 minutes about your opinion related to the theme. Do not forget to put #lapanspacedebate on the caption of your video

Each team must submit a Curriculum Vitae (CV), copy of Student Card (Kartu Pelajar), and filled out the registration on

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