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Remote Sensing Data to Support the National Development Priorities - 31 Jul 2018
LAPAN, as The National Remote Sensing Data Bank and National and Provincial Earth Monitoring System, has optimized the provision of data and information quickly, accurately, and easily. The data is then used by ministries, government agencies, and regional governments in various fields, especially to support national development.LAPAN has an important…

- 28 Jul 2018

LAPAN Observes the Longest Total Moon Eclipse of the Century - 28 Jul 2018
LAPAN conducted Total Lunar Eclipse observations for the second time in 2018. Unlike the previous total lunar eclipse that occurred in January known as Super Blue Blood Moon, the lunar eclipse that occurred on July 28, 2018, this time called the Micro Blood Moon.Why is it called Micro Blood Moon?…

LAPAN and Indonesian Air force to Improve Aeronautics Research Facility - 27 Jul 2018
In the field of aeronautics technology, LAPAN is currently focusing on developing aircraft such as N219/ Nurtanio, LAPAN Surveillance UAV (LSU), and LAPAN Surveillance Aircraft (LSA). The development of such aircraft is controlled by the Aeronautics Technology Center of LAPAN, located in Rumpin, Bogor. To support the programs, various supporting…

LAPAN Improving Capability towards One Aeronautics and Space Data - 25 Jul 2018
LAPAN held a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) regarding One Aeronautics and Space Data. The event took place at LAPAN Space Science Center, Bandung, West Java, on Tuesday (24/7). This discussion held as an effort to realize the existence of one data, which is a government initiative program to improve the…

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